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My wife petardas and I are quite similar. But we like toilet sex. in a recent vacation, we decided on something else. I found a place with a bathroom glory hole very well, we decided that we need to use both my wife some of my clothes, we both went to the bathroom, I checked and no one had, we were robbed in a field, ia my underwear, which was a pair of sexy women's underwear and my bra. My wife moved completely naked and standing behind the door, I was sitting on the toilet and starts four fingers in the pussy masturbation of my wife, who had from time to time to suck my dick. opened the door of the cabin next door, could a guy 's pants down and then his shorts, he was playing gently with his cock that was becoming increasingly difficult with every move, I knew we were in business. I sat on the toilet and began to moan as soon as they masturbate to your attention that for me the queue, so I've been happy to lay eggs and tail, rushed to the petardas two playimgThe hands and then the moisture, due to its hot mouth and pushed my cock as far as possible carressing in her hot mouth with his own language, would have gladly filled his mouth with my semen, but petardas gradually withdrew and returned to sitting in my bathroom, I could see his throbbing cock, my hand through the hole started I did a straw, i then moved his cock and balls beautiful through the glory hole, sucking the cock in my mouth and began, nerself my wife masturbates to cum after finishing, my mouth, took my petardas cock and my wife took it to his mouth and began sucking with violence, we were both feeling his balls, he realized there was more than a couple hands and slowly pulled his tail through the hole, my wife sat on the toilet I sucked petardas the breasts masturbation, which could itself furiously masturbates him, played away all his clothes and had his tits of my wife put her hand and took over the shock, I have decided to fuck behind me was my balls is in a drive was running constantly, her petardas juices were running my legs, the boy next door suddenly say they come to your door and look, I closed the door quickly opened was completely naked masturbating as if there were morning my fucking nude woman from behind, took her to the door, took his coke in the mouth and grabbed his testicles and worked him into madness I saw bow, as he pushed his cock exploding deep in her mouth, I was completely kill me in a hole deep shit sucked dry and immediately kissed me share his sperm as he watched in disbelief suit, underwear, and I think both waited for the hot guy to come, which would be an idiot every time .
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